My Top Small Business & Social Media Podcasts and Blogs

As small business owners and operators, we don’t always have time to search out the newest, greatest blogs or podcasts for insights and inspiration. Thankfully, I have some automation for new sources of business inspiration set up so you don’t have to search!

Here are my top small business blogs and podcasts that I use to keep up to date with the latest info for small and medium business operations.

Disclaimer: I do not receive any income if you subscribe or use any of the services named in this article. That being said, if any of the services, podcasters or bloggers want to drop me a line, shout out or cheque in the mail, that would be awesome!

My Top Small Business & Social Media Podcasts and Blogs



Podcasts are a great way of getting all the latest info, with next to no effort on your part! If you commute to work, they’re easy to pop on and tune into. I find it makes the best use of any travel time I have.


#Viral with Natalie Alzate is a new-comer to my podcast list. Natalie is really easy to listen to, and is crammed full of ideas, news and examples of emerging digital stars. Each episode clocks in at around an hour and a half, but these are so easy to listen to that you can probably catch up in an easy few evenings.


Socialette: Bite-sized Online Marketing by Beth Taylor is one of those podcasts that you don’t think will change your life until one day you stop and realise you’ve changed your way of doing things all because of one podcast. These are tiny tiny tiny podcast episodes that tackle one challenge of online marketing. The longest is just over one hour, but they average around 10 minutes and are so good. You can either choose to tackle the whole list at once, or you can dive in at any episode and learn something that will change your marketing life. I highly recommend the episode titled “Content Marketing: How Can I Create Content When I’m Busy?”


Destroy Digital is a podcast from two Australian digital marketers, Chris and Mark, who are on a mission. Each episode is under half an hour and I highly recommend you take a look at their Contact Us page, where you can put your details in the hat for them to feature your business on one of their podcasts with solutions that you can implement straight away. If that’s not your style, listen in as they discuss all kinds of digital marketing challenges and find solutions for them.



The written word is still such a good way of delving deep into a subject, and with the barriers to entry for subject matter experts who want to create their own blog at next to nothing: you can’t really go wrong! Here are my favourites for when I have a little more time to sit and read something.


If you’re serious about keeping up to date with the latest offerings from social media platforms, then you really can’t go past their own blogs. That’s why the Facebook Newsroom is at the top of my list of social media blogs to follow. They’re usually the first place to go looking if something isn’t working as you think it ought to on the ever-popular platform. It’s also the best place to look for trends and legislation changes that might impact how you can use Facebook for your business.


Social Media Today is a wealth of knowledge. It’s almost as much of a rabbit’s hole of information as Wikipedia, if you’re looking for anything related to social media, how to use it, and how to optimise your business profile. That being said, it’s pretty well laid out, so if you know what you’re looking for you’ll generally find it in a few clicks.


Young Upstarts is another of those blogs that seem to have a never-ending pot of blogging gold. Publishing around 30 articles a day, I’d bet good money that not every article will be of interest to you and your business. That said, it’s a really good place to start if you’re feeling the need for some small business inspiration or have a challenge you need to solve.

Of course, if you want to keep up to date with the latest social media and digital marketing tips and tricks, my very own Insights are a great place to start. With a new article coming out each week, sometimes more frequently, you can make sure you are on the front foot of any new issues that might affect your business or organisation.


So, how do I keep track of all my blogs and podcasts?

I use an RSS feed service for my blogs and article sites. Feedly is my preference, but there are loads out there for you to choose from. They take the effort out of keeping up to date, by collating and presenting all the published articles from your favourites in one place. A good RSS feed service should allow you to split up your faves into subjects, track those you’ve read and highlight those you haven’t looked at for a while, giving you an option to drop them out of the mix.


For my podcasts, I use mostly Spotify these days, as the amount of podcasts available there is amazing. That said, there are some that don’t like the service and for those I still use Apple Podcasts. It’s frustrating sometimes, and sometimes I’ll forget about the ones that aren’t in Spotify, but until there’s a better option, it works for now.


What are you listening to and reading? I’d love to know, so drop me a comment below with a link to your favourite small business, social media, or inspirational blogs and podcasts!


As always, if keeping up to date with the latest social media information seems too difficult to fold into your already busy schedule, why not let us make sure your business social media is up to date. We offer social media management and strategy services to meet every budget. Drop us a line, and let’s catch up for a coffee to discuss how we can help you!



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