Facebook Wants More Verification

Facebook has been in the news a lot recently, and it’s not without good reason.

Whether it’s because of suggestions it allowed paid fake news to be published and promoted, privacy violations by data companies using its platform, or demands for transparency by users, Facebook has made some changes to how it now runs businesses and advertising. This could be messy for some users, as they clamp down on all manner of ways people have been using its platform.

Political Advertising Labelling

Political advertising will now be labelled as a “Political Ad” in the top left hand corner, as well as users being able to see who has paid for it next to it. In order to advertise on behalf of political causes or organisations, users will have to verify their identity (more on that further down this post) and their location. This is being rolled out in the US initially, with other countries being rolled out after our autumn.

Page Ads Visibility

There have been tests elsewhere in the world of a feature that will allow Facebook users to see the ads a Page is running. This isn’t just for political Pages, but will be made available for all Pages. This should prove interesting as it is rolled out across the globe.

Facebook Page Manager Verification

Page Manager Verification will soon be a Thing. This means if you manage a Page on Facebook, you will soon be required to verify your profile. We’re not sure how this will take place, and initially it will only be for Pages with a large number of Followers (whatever that cut off is, we’re not sure either), but it does mean a few things.

If you’ve set up a second Facebook profile to manage your business Page, instead of using your own personal profile, you might have access to your Page revoked, or your Page might be taken down. We’re not sure how Facebook plans to police fake profiles, but there will be a lot of users out there running business Pages under a second account. This has been against Facebook’s Terms of Service for a long time, and we have repeatedly advised business owners against this practice, but it seems there will now be measured steps to shut down fake profiles.

So, if you’re running a Facebook business Page, and you’re not sure if your set up is completely above board, why not drop us a line? We can take you through the best practices, and train you on using Facebook Business Manager in a way that is not only 100% Facebook-compliant, but also makes managing your business life and your personal life easier.


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Published by Melissa Nile

Managing Director and Lead Strategist for Blank Canvas Digital, Melissa has been working in digital marketing for over six years. She has worked with a wide range of businesses, including not-for-profit, government and small, medium and large enterprises. She enjoys showing others the ropes to make their own digital marketing a success for their business.

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